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So Netflix just released a Brazilian movie portraying Jesus as Gay. Brazilian? SMH! I am not annoyed at all, I actually find it hilarious. Here is why:

Netflix dares not portray Prophet Mohammed as gay. Why? Their headquarters would be invaded by radical Muslims and a large percentage of their staff would be killed. It would be a massacre. Ask Charlie Hebdo. They learnt the hard way.

Christians are the most selfish breed of humans on earth. All they think about is my denomination, my church. They forget they are Christians 1st before they are Catholics, Redeemers, Anglicans etc. There will be some outrage on social media, then some press statements and that will be all. Christians will never unite to take a drastic step against such a depraved movie staining the name of Jesus Christ THE SON OF GOD.

When I mean drastic step, I am not referring to killing everyone at Netflix. I am referring to a global boycott of Netflix. With the right approach Muslims can also join the fight to boycott Netflix. Countries that have strong religious ties can also ban the app. In less than a year NETFLIX would be a thing of the past.

NETFLIX knew they would trend with this movie. They knew most Christians are docile and selfish. They are not scared of Christianity because it has always been portrayed as a docile religion. Christianity might be accommodating but it is not docile. Jesus wasn’t docile. He scattered a whole temple in anger. It is this generation of Christians that are docile and selfish.

So I laugh out loud because most Christians nowadays are jokes. So it is no surprise a media company can ridicule THE MOST SACRED emblem of Christianity and be confident that they will get away with it.

What do you think?

Written by Tunji Lasisi


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