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Two major issues trended in the past 48 hours, both related to schools. Everyone seems to have an opinion. Here is mine:

When you gain admission into an institution of learning you become an ambassador of that institution. Every single thing you do on or off the premises could affect the image of that institution positively or negatively.

Babcock University acted appropriately. They were only trying to protect their image by cutting ties with their ambassador (student).

Queen College however was silly in how they handled the girl with the lashes. This was a simple issue that should have been handled by the school authorities silently. Any student who dresses inappropriately should be allowed onto the school premises and punished in the presence of his/her peers as a deterrent. It helps in behavior modification and reduces the possibility of such an offense occurring again.

Both events should not have trended if handled properly. The former wouldn’t have been an issue if an idiot didn’t release the sex-tape. The latter if the school authorities had sense. I pity the young Babcock lady whose private affair has been put out there for the world to see. I am outraged at how some adults conducted themselves in the Queens College affair.

If you have no idea about all I have been saying, here is what happened. A young lady had “awesome” sex and someone released the sextape. Her University (Babcock) expelled her. The other event involves a young student of Queens College who came to school in artificial eyelashes and painted nails. She was sent back home after she was thoroughly embarrassed, an embarrassment hat resulted in her mother (who was at the scene) having a confrontation with one of the security men at the entrance of the school.

Now that you have been updated, you can go back and reread my post.

Sorry, I will not post any of the videos. These videos should never have been recorded nor posted in the 1st place.

What do you think?

Written by Tunji Lasisi


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