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I was very excited yesterday. Waited all day for the Champions League match Chelsea vs Ajax. I knew it was going to be HOT! I was not disappointed.

AJAX was fantastic. Their performance outstanding. Chelsea fought hard but they were no match. No match until the Referee sent off 2 AJAX players and awarded a penalty in the same minute. Guess that was the only way Chelsea could have come back from a 2 goal deficit. Lets not forget that the second goal by Azpilicueta was from an obvious offside.

If I was the referee I would have either given Blind his second yellow and given a free kick or given Veltman his second yellow and given a penalty. The referee however decided to give a second yellow for an earlier offense, give a second yellow for the main offense then give a penalty all in that same minute..

We have seen fouls that referees overlook. The FOULS committed by Blind should not have been overlooked. He committed the 1st foul, the referee ignored it and played the advantage, he committed the second foul 2 seconds later and the referee once again ignored it and played the advantage, then there was an handball in the box a few seconds later. An handball that some referees would have ignored. At this point Chelsea had lost the ball, the logical thing was to give a free kick and give Blind a red card (he already had a yellow).

Let me rephrase, whenever a player commits a foul and the referee allows play to continue because the aggrieved team has the advantage, the referee has to stop the match if the player who committed the initial foul commits another within seconds of the 1st. This referee choose to ignore both fouls by BLIND. The second was worse that the 1st. Who does that?

Ajax was by far the better team yesterday, they were robbed by an idiotic referee.

If you don’t understand what I wrote above then you are a Chelsea fan and you are BLIND.



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