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So BBNaija Pepper Dem is over. Time to correct some wrong impressions.

Mike was a complete gentleman. His matured reactions to Tacha’s bullying made me respect him a lot. This was also coupled with the fact that he didn’t, for a single moment, forget that he was a happily married man. Some seasons ago, we had Thin Tall Tony (TTT) on the show. He on the other hand didn’t hesitate to jump into bed with Bisola.

No man would cheat on his wife when the whole world is watching. Adultery is most times ‘a secret something’. ASK 100 men if they would sleep with another woman on live television and the answer would be a categorical NO. Most times adultery is done in secret, THAT IS A FACT. There are however rare cases where an adulterer might chose to commit the heinous act in public. It all depends on what motivates him/her. I can’t read TTT’s mind..

Mike got married in an environment that is against infidelity. As a matter of fact if he was found guilty, he would lose everything he had in the ensuing divorce, that is if his wife decides to take legal action. Thin Tall Tony on the other hand got married in an environment that believes in infidelity and celebrates it. An environment that blames the woman for everything that is wrong in a marriage, even a man’s low sperm count.

So while we are celebrating Mike and how he did not cheat on his wife, we should note that he had strong motivations not to do so: a beautiful wife, wealth, and a culture that not only frowns on infidelity but severely punishes the guilty party.


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