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About Me

All you need to know.

My name is Tunji Lasisi, obviously. I am a Web Developer, Digital Marketer, E-Learning Professional and Coach. I have over 14 years experience as a Creative Professional. The unbelievable part is,  I am self-taught.  There are so many other interesting facts about me. Simply click on the button below to learn more.

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My Services


Website Content, Brochures, Business Plans, Adverts, Blog Posts

Graphic Design

Logos, Flyers, Business Cards, Branding, Social Media Graphics

Web Design

Blogs, Corporate, E-commerce, Religious, Real Estate, Listings

Digital Marketing

Social Management and Promotions, Search Engine Optimization 


E-Learning Packages, One-On-One Training. Mass Training with Social Distancing.


Wedding, Product, Corporate, Portrait and Travel Photography, Photo Editing

Video Production

Video Coverage, Video Editing, Content Creation for Vlogs, Documentaries, Comedy Skits

Motion Graphics

Animated Logos, Trailers, Commercials, Title Sequences, Movie Effects

A deep commitment to public

Why Choose Me?

I am committed to perfection. I am all about the details. I go through all the works done by My Creative Team with a fine comb. Checking, rechecking and checking all over again. I believe in excellence. Excellence takes time.  Be rest assured your work win be delivered in record time, and it will be absolutely, almost perfect.

Every single member of My Creative Team is a Customer Service Representative. The have been trained on how to deal with Customers/Clients. As far as  I am concerned the Customer is not just always right, THE CUSTOMER IS KING. 

I have over 14 years experience as a Web Developer and 5 years as an E-Learning Expert. I did a little research and discovered adding my years of experience to those of my team equates to over 70 years of experience of doing what we love doing, Being Creative.

I focus on results. I talk a lot. My ability to talk and convince is only used during presentations and proposals. Once a Client gives me the go ahead  get down to work and let the results speak for themselves. Wondering why I captioned this Less Talk, More Action when I confessed I talk a lot? Its simple really, I act more that I talk. So if I talk a lot, imagine how much work I do to ensure I deliver much more than I say. 

When I get a brief from a client detailing all that needs to be done. I count the tasks then add more tasks till I have doubled the list. I go out of my way to anticipate what the client would need in the future or what they overlooked. I do so much more, so much more.

I am very selective. As a matter of fact I have  a red velvet tape policy that ensure I deal only with a few clients. I am more interested in Quality of the work done than how many clients I serve.  I once served a client for 8 months because the job required all my attention and did not take any new jobs .

I offer 8 unique services. Each service was carefully selected because one way or the other they are all interwoven. You do not need to get a photographer to have your brochure designed. You do not need to get Digital Marketer to promote your website. All you need is Me! As long as its related to all my 8 services, I am the ONE STOP SHOP.

I dislike ambiguity in pricing. I do not give estimations. I am precise. You will be billed for exactly what is being done, no extra billings and no after thoughts.

I once told a client he can reach me at anytime of the day. He decided to test me. Woke up very early and  sent me a message by 1a.m. He was shocked to get a response is less than 15 seconds. I am very flexible with my time. The most effective Creative Professionals do not stick with a rigid time table. I am super effective.

I operated like a Think Tank. I take time to brainstorm and run ideas by my team until we come up with unique creative solutions to all our clients’ needs. It is no coincidence that my company is named Tunji Lasisi Creative Concepts (TLCC).

A deep commitment to public

My Amazing Team

Korede Oseni


Bisade Oguntayo

Graphic Designer

Wilson Oguchi

Web Designer

Winifred Idundun

Digital Marketer

Tunji Lasisi

CEO/ E-Learning Professional

Sola Ajose


Ujiro Atunuwa


Oluwashina Omisope

Motion Designer
A deep commitment to public

My Clients

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