You are the reason you are worthless

 A boomerang-curse is one you place on others but comes back on you. Most of us are our own worst enemies. So next time you pray fervently against your enemies, cursing them and praying for their downfall, be careful you are not the enemy you are praying against.

I have been perplexed at how much work I do and how very little I earn. Ask my sister, I work like a maniac. I had to stop working over night when I fainted once on the road. One minute I was walking the next I opened my eyes and noticed I was on the ground. First thing I saw was a pretty lady trying to wake me up. She was also gesturing frantically at passersby to come to my aid. According to her I was out for about a minute. I was too embarrassed to ask for her number.. She was really pretty.

Sorry for the digression. So I finally figured out that I was worthless because I did not place a value on my self. I was working hard but earning peanuts in an industry that has birthed hundreds of millionaires (in $). One of the very first thing I did this year was to place a value on myself and my services. As a matter of fact I made the decision on the 29th of December. On the 1st of January, the first test came.

Around 8 a.m. January 1st 2018 I heard a knock on my door, I opened and saw a guy in my estate who I have known for years but rarely interacted with. Here is the conversation that ensued:

GUY: Hi Bros Tunji. I am so happy to see you.
ME: How can I be of service?
GUY: I have an issue with my Iphone, I just can’t download apps and I need some apps urgently
ME: I will have to charge you. You are the first person to ask me for a service this year.
GUY: No problem bros, pls don’t charge me too much O.
ME: No P. Come back tomorrow to pick up your phone.
GUY: Ha, can you please do it now I am travelling by noon.
ME: Ok no problem.

So I took the phone. after a couple of hours I resolved the problem (finished my data and had to renew it at some point). He came around 12 noon and was overjoyed to see his phone was working perfectly.

GUY: Thanks Bros. I really appreciate. How much should I bring?
ME: Normally I would charge you 5k, but don’t worry, pay whatsoever you can afford.
GUY: Thank you Baba. Give me your accounts details, I will send to you later in the day.
ME: Account details ke? Later in the day? Dude am a Yoruba boy oh. Deep one. You can’t come early on the first day in the new year with this later crap.
GUY: Chairman no vex. I no get cash I go send am before the end of the day..
Me: Oya here is my account details. Make sure you pay today. I won’t find it funny at all if you don’t
GUY: Don’t worry Bros, I go pay today.

If he paid that day I won’t be writing this. As a matter of fact, 3 days later he still had not paid. I was pissed. It wasn’t about the money, I owe people money (am a Lannister) and a lot people owe me money (I don’t really bug them). I was infuriated because it was the 1st Day of the New Year. So I decided to teach him a lesson.

Using icloud, I tracked his movement for 3 days. I wanted to be sure he was back in the estate (Lagos) before teaching him the lesson I had in Mind. On January 3rd by 5a.m. I tracked him again and saw he was back in Lagos and was in his house. Using icloud, I backed-up, wiped and blocked his phone. He rushed to my house that morning to give me the money. I refused and insisted he pay 5k. He kept begging me, I refused. Some of my friends in my neighborhood who I told what happened came to beg on his behalf and I accepted. He eventually paid 3k and I unlocked and restored his Iphone.

There are so many people out there waiting to exploit you. It is your choice to refuse to be exploited. Place a value on yourself and watchyour bank account grow steadily.

So many people want to go to the Unites States. What they fail to realize is this USA was built on Capitalism. NOTHING is FREE! Here everyone is looking to exploit you so you can give them freebies (lol reminds me of the blogger who wanted to stay in an hotel free in exchange for mentioning the hotel in her Vlog, The hotelier gave her a piece of his mind, lol).

You are the reason you are worthless. Place a value on yourself. Charge for your services, allow reasonable negotiations don’t go below what you were worth.

Let me round up with this story.

I was referred by Shola Animashaun to help a friend of his with recovering data from her defective memory card. I hold Mr Shola in high esteem and when he asked me how much I told him between 10 – 15k . I called the lady and she gave me her address. On getting there my jaw dropped. The office fine no be small. I was like chai, why did I bill 10-15k. Then she came out of her office when the receptionist called her that I was around. She called out to me and I got the second shock. She was super pretty, and half-caste. She gave me the defective card and I started working on recovering the data in it. Data recovery is very tough.. its 50-50. You can only try. After 4 hours I couldn’t recover anything, I was frustrated. 4 hours non-stop work to no avail. She kept coming to where I was to ask for a progress report. She was worried and anxious. At one point she leaned on my shoulder and asked if I was sure I could get the files back. I told her I will keep trying. All hope seemed lost. Then I remembered an old software I once used. I quickly downloaded it. I scanned memory card with the software and got the 3rd shock for the day. The software saw every single data and told me it could recover all. I quick processed the recovery. I rushed to her office and told her i have recovered every single bit of data. She was overjoyed. We ran back together almost hand in hand and she confirmed all has been recovered. She told me to go and meet her accountant and and collected my 10k. I sheepishly walked to meet the accountant. Filled a form and was paid 10k. The work I did that day was worth over 50k if not more, but I did not specify my true worth got less than I actually deserved. It was no one’s fault but mine. I left her office fulfilled though. The joy on her face was worth more than any money she could have given me.

This message is or all service providers. Do all you can to be the best at what you do. Keep improving your service every single day. Place a value on yourself and your service. Document your value and present it as a shield. You will earn so much more than you can even imagine. So much more.

No one really cares what you can do, all they care about is your account balance. Don’t believe me?Try applying for a visa at the US Embassy with 0 Naira in your account.

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