Stop Wasting Your Time Praying and Fasting

In case you have not figured it out, the titles on my posts are guises aimed at enticing you to read my write-ups. Not to worry, like my previous posts, this promises to be very interesting if not more.

I was an amazing student in Primary and Secondary School. I really cannot remember ever coming 2nd position when I was in New Covenant Primary and then New Covenant High School (NCHS). My dad was so proud. So so proud. At some point he didn’t even bother checking my result. He was all too certain it was going to be 1st position. When he did check my report cards, it was only to read the lovely comments left by my teachers. At my Senior Secondary graduation party, I was given so many awards that the guests who didn’t know who I was were flabbergasted. My class and school mates were not. Like Messi’s teammates and opponents, they were not at all surprised or offended by my brilliance. They expected and welcomed it. Then WAEC and NECO also upheld the notion that I was an extremely bright and brilliant student.

There was a time though when I gave my Dad one of the biggest shocks of his life. I was just out of primary school and the school I finished from did not have a secondary school as of then. So I applied for and gained admission into Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School. My Dad as usual was confident of his son’s intelligence and when I brought my report card home, he was not even interested in checking it. He did a double take though when he saw I was fidgeting. So he opened the report card and almost fainted when he saw what was written in it: 13TH POSITION! In a stern voice he gave me a piece of his mind.He didn’t care that I had good grades in all subjects, he couldn’t wrap his mind around the 13th position. I just shrugged and said nothing when he kept asking me what happened. I knew what happened, I just could not figure out how to explain it to him in a way he would understand.

Here is what happened. I wasn’t less brilliant. As a matter of fact, I studied even harder than ever before. The fact of the matter is, WHERE YOUR BRILLIANCE ENDS IS WHERE SOMEONE ELSE’S BEGINS. I just had 12 extremely brilliant people ahead of me that’s all. I never came 1st throughout my time in Saint Francis. I once came 4th, and that was the best I achieved. I was in my second term of JSS 2 when my father heard my primary School now has a Secondary School. He didn’t hesitate to drag me out of Saint Francis and throw me back into New Covenant. I guess he missed bragging to his friends about how brilliant his son his. I didn’t disappoint. Having been mauled by some academic tigers in Saint Francis, I was ready to do some mauling of my own. When I brought my first report card home after I returned to NCHS, my dad hurriedly snatched my report card. He opened it and heaved a sigh of relief when he saw 1ST POSITION. He called me ADETUNJI. He only does that when he is very happy with me (he stuck to IDRIS all these while).

No amount of prayer and fasting could have gotten me the 1ST POSITION at SAINT FRANCIS. There was just too much opposition, some of which were more formidable. Who knows what their background was, and what made them more brilliant. Everyone has a story.

You are hoping to get married, get a job, make more money etc. You have been praying for years to no avail. Every January you religiously fast and pray. You even extend the allocated date set aside by your church for fasting and praying. Your problem is not diabolical. It’s not a witch or wizard (though I believe they exist, but can’t go into that now).

Your solution can be found with ease. How? JUST CHANGE YOUR LOCATION.

I have so much to say about this but I would refrain from saying anything. You can be anything you want to be. Achieve anything you want to achieve. If you are not correctly located, all your efforts will be in vain just like pouring water into a basket.

You know what to do. From changing your church, breaking up with that person you are in relationship with to applying for a new job though you already have one. YOU KNOW WHERE TO GO.


You would not know until you try.

Let me end this with another story.

Daniel Iyere my very good and bosom friend is currently based in the US of A. Before leaving Nigeria though my friend was a PROFESSIONAL ONE-WAY TAKER. Daniel can take “ONE-WAY for AFRICA”, just to get to his destination as fast as possible. He has taken road paths that even “Okadas” today would be afraid to take. Then he traveled just after finishing his secondary education to further his education in USA. Some years later he came back home for a brief visit. I was overjoyed to see him. He asked me if I would like to come along as he had some errands to run in our estate. I reluctantly agreed. So I got into car and he drove off. To my bewilderment, he didn’t violate one single traffic law. We even got to a portion of the road that was bad and everyone else took the other side of the road, (ONE WAY), my friend refused, he said he would take the proper way even though it was bad. I begged him to no avail. He was adamant. He took the bad road and that was that.

CHANGE YOUR LOCATION. Praying and Fasting works wonders. If you are positioned wrongly though, PRAYING AND FASTING IS A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME.

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