That am pretty good at what I do is an understatement. My name is Tunji Lasisi I am a Web Designer and E-Learning expert. With over 11 years’ experience, I have seen it all.  I have had the opportunity to serve Celebrities, Large Organizations and also  Small and Medium Entrepreneurs.

I am self-taught. Learnt all I know through rigorous study, practice and years of focus. I really do nothing else than sit in front of my laptop all day, planning, researching and designing.

I am not just a web designer, I am also proficient in developing E-Learning Training Programs. I am passionate about training and development and for years I have been planning on making the best training available to all and sundry at very affordable prices.

My website is not just to showcase my services, it is also a platform for training and empowering my students. I intend to create courses that will enable any of my students have the knowledge and training to earn a living and fast-track their careers in their various fields of endeavours.

Another project am passionate about is making specialized Information Technology Training  available for gifted kids. There is no adequate I.T. training available right now for children especially those in rural areas. I intend to thoroughly fill in this gap.

Enough about me, check out some of the stuff I do below.




Do you know what is worse that not having a website? Having a terrible Website. I can help you with both.



A really good website is like a beautiful garden. It needs to be properly managed so it to remain “really good” and beautiful.



You do n0t really need the FOUR walls of a classroom to learn.  I should know. Checkout my Training Programs and Online Courses.