A Message to All Sports Gamblers

Most of my friends who reside in my estate know what am about to write about already. I know they will be laughing hard as they read this. I promised I would write about this guys. This is me fulfilling my promise.

Gambling is destroying the Nigerian Youth slowly but surely. I have seen old men who have gambled their life’s away keep gambling. The amazing thing though is how the young ones have taken to it. From as little as 9years old to 65years. Yes, 9years old.

This post isn’t about how wrong gambling is. We all know that. Someone would say the Bible does not condemn gambling. Here is my response, the Bible does not condemn crossing “The Express” yet we all know it is wrong to do so. Being wrong has not stopped those who do it everyday. Many have lost their lives to crossing “The Express”. I witnessed one. The man was crushed right in front of my eyes. Gambling kills also. So many suicides nowadays can be linked with one form of gambling or the other. Don’t let me start with MMM.

Now to the most important point. READ CAREFULLY.

IF you gamble regularly, YOU CAN NEVER WIN IN THE LONG RUN. Here is why:

Bet9ja (the most popular sports betting company) pay the Nigerian Government about N50 million every year. Multiply that by the number of betting companies in the country and you will discover the Nigerian Government generates not less that HALF A BILLION NAIRA every year from taxing betting companies. So the betting companies are already running at a loss when they start their businesses. As long as the Democratic System of Government exists, there will always Beer Joints, Strip Clubs, Whorehouses and Gambling. Deal with it!

HERE IS THE SHOCKING TRUTH: It takes the betting company just 1 day to get back 50 TIMES WHAT THEY PAID THE GOVERNMENT for a year.

How do they get this huge amount of money? THEY FIX MATCHES.

They wait for a time when everyone would bet on the most favorite team. EVERYONE!. After most bets have been placed, they will reach an agreement with the management of that team so they lose the match or perform woefully.

Last two weeks Crystal Place FC who have not scored a single goal, drawn a single match not to talk of win a single match all season beat the defending champion Chelsea FC. When I saw this I laughed and told two of my friends that the match was fixed. I also said that Chelsea would not only beat their next opponent but will score at least 4 goals. They said it can never happened. I told them to put their money where their mouth is. One of them did.

Chelsea’s next match was Watford FC a team that beat Arsenal FC in their last match. As of 70 mins Chelsea was losing by 2-1, same scoreline they lost to a weak Crystal Palace the previous week. When the match ended, Chelsea won by 4-2. I walked up to the guy that put his money where is mouth is and collected both his money and his mouth.

You can never win in the long run. NEVER. I am yet to see a gambler who wins then stops gambling. The best thing for you to do is stop Gambling, YOU CAN NEVER WIN (in the long run)! NEVER!

If you insist on continuing to gamble, waste you hard earned, borrowed or stolen money, then all I can do is help you ensure you don’t lose all your money and eventually your life (literally and metaphorically speaking).

Here are a few things you need to note:
1. Don’t bet on league games, only on world competitions e.g. World Cups, Champions League, Europa League. they are a almost impossible to fix.

2. Even when you play World Competitions, only bet on matches during the group stages. Avoid Knockout stages completely.

3. If you insist on playing league games, wait for the second half of the season and focus on those who are fighting to win the league, qualify for Champions league or those avoiding relegation.

Some people would say I should not advise gamblers on how to gamble. That am contributing to their addiction. I beg to differ, I am saving their lives (for those who heed my advice anyways). A sex counselor will tell any youth (18+) who cares to listen that abstinence is the best option, and if abstinence seems impossible, use a condom.

And for all those who continue to cross “The Express” even when an overhead bridge is available, here is your CONDOM:

Here is how you can cross “The Express” safely. Patiently wait to ensure that the nearest speeding car is so far away that you can do the “One Corner Dance” in the middle of “The Express” then RUN across the express, don’t stop until you get to the divider. Do this again to cross the second half of “The Express”.

You can thank me later.

PS: My best advice remains, Don’t gamble, Don’t Cross the Express (especially when there is an overhead bridge available), and Say a BIG NO to premarital and indiscriminate sex. (husbands and wives included).

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